Nexus 5X Unbrick Project Folder

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This is a Nexus 5X unbrick project folder maintained by ArykTECH. This folder is expected to contain Nexus 5X Loader.img file otherwise known as Nexus 5X full blk0 backup file ROM Dump and QFIL/Tool Studio Flash Files. This Project is opened for sponsorship. Want to sponsor this project? Be the first Project Subscriber by subscribing to All Folders from the subscription option below here.

Supported Device Variant(s): Nexus 5X variants

How to Use: Nexus 5X Ultimate Unbrick Guides

Nexus 5X Unbrick Files Subscription

$12.44 Pay Now

1: It may take up to 24 hours before the Unbrick Project is opened and your email added to it.
2: Your name would be displayed as the main or part of the sponsors on the tutorial page.
3: This project folders are updated as at when available. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific time.
4: You agree to receiving and responding to occassional communications from ArykTECH to help and aid the development(s) of or in this unbrick project folder(s).

Project Information
Category: Unbrick (Debrick) Project
Folders & Status: Loader: Partially Ready
QFIL Files: Partially Ready
Blankflash: Not Applicable
Project Frame: Extended
Frame Description: This project continues to receiving updates as at when available. It is your responsibility and duty to stay as close as possible to this items folders and streams on the cloud storage so that you may always receive the latest available update(s) on the project.
Supported OS: Android
Delivery Time: Usually instant, appropriately 2 hours from your payment receipt.
Items Availability, Delivery & Shipments
In Stock: Yes Ships: Globally
Vendor/Store: ArykTECH Ships Via: Electronically via Mega cloud service or Google Drive
Warranty: Warranty is provided on As Is basis Warranty Provider: ArykTECH

Dev(s) / Maintainer(s)
1: U_John ([email protected]), Lead Dev/Maintainer
2: Arewa ([email protected]) Ad hock Maintainer


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