Infinix X600 Stock ROM

FREE Download Infinix X600 Flash File from here. The Infinix X600 stock ROM attached have been tested. However, if you have issues using the firmware, you may ask us for help.

Infinix X600 Stock Firmware

Infinix X600 Flash File Details

  • Category : ROM
  • Type : Stock ROM
  • ROM Size : Unknown
  • Target : Infinix X600
  • PC/OS : Windows/Linux PC
  • Status : Ready
  • Server : External
  • Infinix X600 Flash File

    How to Flash Stock ROM On Infinix X600

    1. To flash stock ROM on Infinix X600 using SP Flash Tool, first, Download SP Flash Tool here. You may see the installation instructions on the same page.
    2. Now, download USB VCOM drivers from here. Also, see the USB VCOM drivers installation instructions on the page.
    3. Then, download Infinix X600 firmware here. NOTE: Skip this if you have downloaded the firmware earlier.
    4. Extract the firmware you downloaded from step 3 above onto a folder on your PC.
    5. Now, RUN (Launch) SP Flash Tool on your PC.
    6. Click the Download tab. If it's on Download tab by default, proceed below.
    7. Once SP Flash Tool GUI is loaded and you're on the Download Tab, click Scatter Loading.
    8. Now, navigate to the folder where the flash file is saved and select your scatter-file.
    9. Select Download from the options.
    10. Mark all the firmware partitions loaded except the Preloader, cache and the Userdata.
    11. Click Download.
    12. Now, Power off the device or remove battery from it; whichever is possible.
    13. Finally, connect the device to your PC and tap the Power button just once.
    14. Now, watch SP Flash Tool progress bar until it completes the whole operations.
    15. Once done, the device may reboot. You may then disconnect the device from the PC. NOTE: if the device does not reboot once done, just disconnect the device, remove the battery, re-insert the battery and power-on the device.
    16. Succeeded! You have just succeeded at flashing your Infinix X600 using SP Flash Tool.

    The tutorial above works for Infinix devices powered by MTK Chipset. If your Infinix device variant is powered by other chipset, see the appropriate link from below:

    1. Qualcomm SoC Devices Flash Tools
    2. SpreadTrum SoC Devices Flash Tools
    3. Intel Atom SoC Devices Flash Tools
    4. Nvidia Tegra SoC Devices Flash Tools
    5. HiSilicon SoC Devices Flash Tools
    6. Exynos SoC Devices Flash Tools

    Video Tutorial: How to Flash Infinix X600 Using SP Flash Tool

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