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How to Unbrick LG V30

Here we attempt to provide all the files required to unbrick LG V30. Along with the LG V30 unbrick files, we have the tutorial detailing how to unbrick LG V30 using each of the files altogether.

LG V30 Unbrick Project Details

  • Device : LG V30
  • Target : All Variants
  • Status : Awaiting
  • Methods : Loader +1 other
  • LG V30

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    LG V30 Hardbricked: Issues and Reports

    Lately, the number of followers asking for the LG V30 unbrick files has increased and it is disturbing to see that we do not have a working solution for the device yet hence the reason we have decided to create this page, dedicating it for the LG V30 unbrick solutions.

    In our inbox, some are requesting for the LG V30 firehose file while others request for the device unbrick solution altogether. In order to provide answers for all, we are set to work on the device and provide unbrick files which would be used to unbrick the device - although, this cannot be done without your help.

    LG V30 Hardbricked Solutions: Our Answer

    Similar to what we have done with the LG G4 and some LG V10 variants, here we attempt to provide all the files required to unbrick LG V30. Along with the LG V30 unbrick files, we would also provide the tutorial detailing how to unbrick the device using each of the files provided.

    Unbrick page created
    Unbrick project files folder created
    Unbrick solutions identified
    Device acquired
    Unbrick files gathered
    Solutions deployed and tested
    Solutions confirmed working

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