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Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool: Flash and Unbrick All Qualcomm Android Devices

Flash, Unbrick Qualcomm Android Device with Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool

If you are here, you are probably looking to unbrick your hardbricked Qualcomm Android device and that's okay. Here, we funish you with step by step procedures involved in unbricking your Qualcomm powered Android devices using Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool, where to download Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool, issues you might encounter using the Tool and how to solve them.

Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool is a sophisticated and advanced download tool for servicing Qualcomm Android devices. Using ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool, you can flash stock ROM on Qualcomm android devices, backup, restore, repartition and even refurbish your Qualcomm android devices.

An important purpose of Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool which you should be noted rather than omitted is that; it easily helps debrick Qualcomm android devices than most other Qualcomm Download Tools.

How to Unbrick Qualcomm Android Devices Using Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool

1. Download ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool from here. Once downloaded, decompress the ZIP File onto a folder on your PC and then, launch the setup contained in that folder as Admin.

2. Open the text file contained in the same folder as the setup file. It contains the password for Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool. Copy the password and paste it where Tool Studio eMMC download tool asks/prompts for password and click OK.

3. Download and install your Qualcomm android devices drivers on your PC. If your device has been bricked, you must download and install Qualcomm QDLoader HS USB Bulk drivers too. Download Qualcomm QDLoader HS USB Bulk Drivers from here.

4. Download the Stock Firmware for your Qualcomm android device. NOTE: Tool Studio can flash .mbn and .bin files with .xml file map only.

For LG Android Device Users, see: How to Convert .KDZ Files to .MBN and .BIN Files for instructions on how to convert your LG stock KDZ firmware to the format useful with Tool Studio.

5. If the firmware you downloaded is compressed in a .zip or .rar file, decompress/unzip the firmware you downloaded in a folder on your PC.

6. Now, on Tool Studio, click browse and navigate to the folder where you unzipped the firmware and select it.

7. To view the phone's partitions contained in that firmware and select which ones are to be flashed, click Advance. And the next Window will display all the partitions.

Mark the ones you wish to flash or Select All.

Qualcomm Device firmware partitions -tool studio eMMC Download Tool

8. Now, connect the phone to the PC. Make sure you remove the battery from the phone and insert it again. If the phone has a sealed battery, simply put off the phone.

9. Wait few seconds, then click Refresh. Tool Studio should display the connected device and its COM Port.

Qualcomm Device COM Port -Tool Studio Refresh

10. Now, click Start All or Start to begin the flashing operation. The flashing operation should not take more than 5 minutes. When the flashing operation is complete, Tool Studio will fill the progress bar with GREEN ink and you may then disconnect the device from the PC.

Start -Tool Studio Flash Qualcomm Device

Flash Complete -Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool

Possible Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool Errors You May Encounter

As common with every other flash tools, there are certain errors and issues which are common with Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool. Below here, I discuss three (3) of the commonest issues you might encounter while using Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool to flash or debrick any Qualcomm android device and how to resolve each of the issues.

1. Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool Error: can't find ram

    Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool Error Can't Find RAM


      i. When Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool displays the error "can't find ram", click Advance to display the list of the partitions contained in the firmware. If the RAM section is fade, check to make sure that RAM is present in that firmware folder.

      ii. It is also possible that the RAM file is present but it is not named in the format Tool Studio recorgnises. The RAM should be named as: MPRG8936mbn or something similar. If you have the RAM file in that firmware folder, simply rename it accordingly.

    2. Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool Error: wait for ram mode failed

    Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool Error Wait for RAM Mode Failed


      i. Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool displays "wait for ram mode failed" if; 1. The RAM file in that firmware is not for that phone. 2. The phone's eMMC partition is corrupt/damaged. Try another firmware/ram or consider replacing your eMMC. You may also attempt hitting the eMMC - proceed with caution

    3. Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool could not identify your boot image or boot image not found.



      i. Ensure that boot image file is present in that firmware.

      ii. Ensure that the boot image file is named in a format Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool recorgnises e.g 8936_msimage.mbn. If boot image is present in the firmware but not named rightly, simply rename it.

    Those are the three common errors you may encounter while using Tool Studio eMMC download tool. If you have other questions or encounter any errors not listed or discussed here, please, add your comment in the box below.

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