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Intro: ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool

This Tool, ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool can be used to unbrick, upgrade, downgrade and flash Qualcomm Android devices regardless of the model or make in as much as you have gotten the right set of files needed to unbrick the device using Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool.
That said, Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool is a sophisticated and advanced service tool basically designed for servicing Qualcomm Android devices.
This is commonly used with ZTE Nubia, LG, Oppo and 1+. From experience, Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool can also be used for other popular Qualcomm-powered Android devices.

Qualcomm eMMC Chipset

ToolStudio eMMC Tool Download Links

It is our aim to keep this page updated with the download links for all ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool versions. The download links provided right below here are for the currently available Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool versions we currently have in our archive. Choose your desired version to download (or download all) and enjoy

Oh! In case any of them asks/prompts for password (to decompress/unzip) use

  1. ToolStudio-eMMC-Download-Tool-v4.4.58 (Mega Link)
  2. ToolStudio-eMMC-Download-Tool-v4.4.58 (Mediafire Link)
  3. ToolStudio-eMMC-Download-Tool-v4.6 (Mega Link)
  4. ToolStudio-eMMC-Download-Tool-v4.6 (Mediafire Link)

How to Install Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool On Your PC

  1. Download your desired version of ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool from any the download links above
  2. Copy (or Move) the downloaded file onto your PC's desktop (or onto any folder therein)
  3. Extract the downloaded file onto a folder on your PC. You can extract the file using 7Zip, WinRAR or any other compressed file extractor that supports .rar file formats
  4. Open the folder where you extracted the Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool file
  5. NOTE: this step is for version 4.6 users only - open the password text file in the folder and copy the entire text in it. That's the password required to run the program
  6. Locate and Right-click on the .exe file contained in the folder and open/run it as admin on your PC
  7. NOTE: this step is also for version 4.6 users only - now, enter (or paste) the password you copied earlier (in the step 5) from above. Then wait few minutes. Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool User Interface (UI) will load soon
  8. For ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool v4.4.58 users, click the setup file and follow the Install Wizard instructions till the installation is completed
  9. Once installed, you may launch/open ToolStudio eMMC Download tool and enjoy

  • Especially for ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool v4.6, your antivirus or spyware program may stop the program (ToolStudio) from working. In order to get around that, you'll have to whitelist Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool in the program or stop your Spyware or Antivirus program (from working) for the time being
  • Also, for ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool v4.6, Microsoft Visual C++ and NetFramework (4.5 minimum) are a requirement for ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool v4.6 to run on your Windows PC
  • For ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool v4.4.58, there seem to be no specific requirements as we have been able to use it severally without issues but it has fewer functions and options as compared to the ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool v4.6

Possible Questions You May Have:


Is there ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool for Linux PC users ?

I am not sure. I have never learnt that ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool is available nor used it on any Linux distro.

Is ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool Available for Mac PC ?

Most likely, no. The only alternative for getting ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool work on your macOS is probably via wine which I do not recommend you use.

Does ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool Work On 32bit, 64bit or Both Machines ?

ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool work fine on both 64bit and 32bit Windows PC.

I'm Having Issues Running ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool On My PC. Can You Help?

Sure. We'll gladly help. Send us your detailed request via the contact us page.


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