Download QPST QFIL - All Versions


QPST_QFIL is a major flash tool that can be used to flash, debrick and unbrick, backup and restore, repair and refurbish Qualcomm android devices.

QPST_QFIL Download Details

  • Category : Service Tools
  • Tool's ID : QPST_QFIL
  • Target : Qualcomm Devices
  • PC/OS : Windows PC
  • Status : Ready
  • Server : External
  • DiskImageRev2

    QPST QFIL Download Link

    1. V2.7.422 Mediafire Link
    2. V2.7.422 Mega Link
    3. V2.7.399 Mediafire Link
    4. V2.7.399 Mega Link
    5. V2.7.366 Mediafire Link
    6. QPST V2.7.366 Mega Link


    NOTE | You can now gain access to all our phone software repair files. Learn more

    How to Install QPST On your Windows PC

    1. Download any version of QPST Tool from any of the links above.
    2. Once download is complete, decompress/unzip the file on a folder on your PC.
    3. Open the folder where you unzipped QPST and locate QPST_version.msi. E.g QPST_2.7.430.msi.
    4. Double-click the file you located in step 3 above.
    5. Wait for the Windows InstallShield wizard to come up then, follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.


    To use QPST for your Qualcomm device, you must install Qualcomm Drivers, too. Download Qualcomm HS-USB Drivers here. For instruction on how to use QPST, see: How to Flash Qualcomm Android Devices Using QPST QFil


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