Moto Z Play Unbrick Solutions: Step By Step Guides

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Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide

On this page, we attempt to provide solutions to all hardbricked Moto Z Play devices. Either your device is stuck in Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 or HS-USB Bulk mode. Has blank screen or the led light just flickers, the Moto Z Play unbrick solutions tabled here should work for you. The idea is to get your Moto Z Play to bootloader mode by utilizing the Moto Z Play EDL and using fastboot commands to flash firmware and recover the device.

Finally! Welcome to Moto Z Play unbrick page on ArykTECH. On this page, we attempt to address and unbrick all Moto Z Play in Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 brick state which is also referred to as QHS-USB QDLoader 9008.
Before I proceed, I will like to say thank you to Victor Lozada who first reported the Moto Z Play QHS-USB QDLoader 9008 hard brick case on our Tool Studio tutorial page and for providing detailed info on how the phone got bricked and all his attempts to recover the device.

Since this page proffers solutions (not a development page), I will prefer not to mention the big terms or discuss the tedious processes involved while working out these solutions; hence, this page will dive head straight into explaining what exactly to do to recover your Moto Z Play from Qualcomm QHS-USB QDLoader 9008 brick state in which it is found now.

Thank you guys:

    1.James, thank you for the additional donation.

    2. Kankon, thank you also for sharing this page with your friends and your comments.

    3. Isher, thank you too for the comment.

I just can't thank all of you enough for commending the success of this Moto Z Play unbrick / debrick effort.

Important Update! Both Methods Now %100 Working!

NOTICE (Must Read):

1. Download your device specific variant file from the download section.

2. Then adhere strictly to the instructions provided for each method.

3. Still have issues? Chat us for your device specific instructions via Telegram or Whatsapp for help. See success proofs here.

4. You can add comments so that other users/viewers may help you out too.

5. Please, give feedback or add comments below if the files have worked or helped you.

6. Have a device you want us help you unbrick? Open Unbrick Project Here.

This Moto Z Play Unbrick Project is maintained by ArykTECH - thanks to our sponsor(s)

Many thanks to Victor Lozada and sal3m (S S) for their very useful feedback!

Moto Z Play HS-USB DLoader 9008 Mode Solved Feedback

The Required Files (Downloads)
File Download Links Description
Motorola Device Manager SKIP this if installed already. This will install all the drivers necessary for your Moto Z Play to communicate with your Windows PC. It will also be useful if your device enters fastboot mode at the least.
QHS-USB QDLoader Drivers Important! Please uninstall every instance of this (if you have already installed QHS-USB Drivers on your PC) then, download the one specific for your PC and install it from the link.
Moto Z Play Firmware This is your device firmware. This firmware is specific for Moto Z Play XT1635-02. Though partially modified, this is a complete motorola stock image with everything necessary to boot and run Android OS on your device.
OTA File for Moto Z Play Like the firmware, this file is specific for Moto Z Play XT1635-02. This is where major future updates and ammendments on this project shall focus.
Loader.img This turns your SD Card to a bootable partition that can be mounted by your device so that Motorola Device Manager can detect your device and flash official stock firmware on it. This will also allow you use RSDLite for your device.
Moto-Z-Play-QDLoader-Boot-blankflash This file will Kick your Moto Z Play out of HS-USB DLoader 9008 Mode into fastboot - thanks to leamsy12 of XDA-Developer for the discovery.

How to Unbrick Moto Z Play from QDLoader 9008: Blank Flash/Fastboot Method

Qualcomm devices arrive at QHS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode from different causes and in view of this, the method that works for one device may not work for another.

Here is a good example;
A Qualcomm device that arrives at QHS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode due to secure boot failure case is not the same as the one that arrives 9008 mode from an incomplete upgrade or downgrade.

While the solution discussed here is expected to solve most Moto Z Play QHS-USB QDLoader 9008 issues, some devices may not survive this yet.

Now, carefully follow as thus;

Step By Step Guides:

    1. Download Motorola Device Manager from the table above and install it on your PC. Skip this step if you have installed Motorola Device Manager on your PC already.

    2. Download QHS-USB QDLoader Driver and install it on your PC. NOTE: if you already have any QHS-USB QDLoader drivers installed on your PC, uninstall it first and then, install the one you downloaded from the table above.

    3. Download the firmware from the table above. If you have downloaded the firmware found on Lenovo-forum here before, then, just download ONLY the OTA File for Moto Z Play from the table above.

    4. Download the Moto-Z-Play-QDLoader-Boot-blankflash in the Moto Z Play folder on Mega Google Drive.

    5. Unpack the Moto-Z-Play-QDLoader-Boot-blankflash onto a folder on your PC.

    6. Connect your Moto Z Play to the PC. Wait while Windows installs the drivers then Double Click the blank-flash in the Moto-Z-Play-QDLoader-Boot-blankflash to run it.

    7. Now, download MotoG5Plus_addison2Potter also found in the Moto Z Play folder on Mega.

    8. Extract the content of the MotoG5Plus_addison2Potter folder.

    9. Open Command Prompt in the folder. To do this, while in the foldr, Press and Hold the Shift Key on your keyboard then Right-Click. From the options click on Open Command Prompt Here.

    10. In Command Prompt, enter the Command-lines below one after another and after each line, press the Enter Key to execute the command.

    fastboot flash partition gpt.bin
    fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    11. Finally, you can now flash the Moto Z Play 7.0 ROM the usual way. Remember: Do not flash the gpt.bin and bootloader.img which we have flashed in step 10 above else, you will brick your Moto Z Play again.

To Flash the 7.0 ROM On your Moto Z Play:

    1. Unpack or extract your Firmware onto a folder on your PC. (B) If you have downloaded just the OTA File, unpack the OTA File and replace its content with the one you have in your firmware folder. - The OTA File is no longer needed as the firmware is now updated.

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Step 3

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Step 3B

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Step 3C
      Make sure no additional folder is created. Just replace the contents as is in the folder.

    2. Now, in the firmware folder, locate flashall.bat and double-click it. This will open a Command Prompt Window which should detect your connected Moto Z Play almost immediately.

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Step 6

    3. Once detected, the flashing sequence will begin. Relax until the process is completed and your phone reboots.

    4. Your phone may go to recovery mode when it reboots. Just Wipe/Factory Reset the phone and restart it again.

    9. Congratulations! Now, your Moto Z Play should boot on normally.


1. If in the middle of the flashing process, the operation is aborted, DO NOT disconnect the device. Just double-click the flashall.bat file again. The operation will resume without any interruption this time.

2. If your device is not detected at all, then you need Loader.img for your device. See the second method below.

How to Debrick Moto Z Play from QDLoader 9008: Loader / Full blk0 Backup Method

    1. Get a copy of Moto Z Play Loader / full blk0 Backup from here

    2. Download and extract your Moto Z Play loader file onto a folder on your PC.

    3. Get your SD Card ready. For Moto Z Play, 16GB or 32GB SD Card is recommended and should be formatted in ext4. You can use MiniTool Partitioning Wizard to format the SD Card.

    4. Flash the Moto Z Play loader.img file onto your SD Card by following the step by step Guides here.

    1. I have flashed the loader file on a 16GB SD card and tested it on both Single and Dual SIM Moto Z Play and it worked fine.
    2. This method should now work with all Moto Z Play variants.
    3. All things being equal, the Moto Z Play Loader.img file should turn your SD Card to a bootable disk which can be used to boot your Moto Z Play to fastboot, recovery otherwise known as download mode so that you can flash stock firmware safely using either RSDLite or Motorola Device Manager. You can check our YouTube Page here for the video tutorial.

How to Make A Loader.img File By Yourself

    1. Get an SD Card. 8GB or 16GB. (16GB and a first class grade SD Card is recommended).

    2. Get your device exact variant. Alternatively, you may Google Search maybe you'll find an already made Moto Z Play Loader.img file to download.

    3. Root the device and install Terminal Emulator on the device.

    4. Download, install and run BusyBox on the device. Make sure busybox scripts are properly installed. Download this BusyBox Version

    5. Now, Open/Launch Terminal Emulator. On it type:

    and tap/hit enter key. A prompt box should display asking for Root Permission. Grant it.

    6. Still on Terminal Emulator type;

    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/Loader.img bs=1024 count=168960
    and tap/hit the enter key.

    7. Hold on for few minutes. When the process is completed on Terminal Emulator using your phone's File Manager, go to the Root Directory of your SD Card, a file name Loader.img should now be there.

    9. Copy the Loader.img file to your PC and proceed from there.

How to Create Bootable SD Card with Loader.img File On your PC

    1. First, format your SD Card or get another for this job.

    2. Download DiskImageRev2 on your PC. You can download it with your phone and move it onto your PC.

    3. Slot your SD Card in a card reader and connect it to your PC.

    4. Launch DiskImageRev2 on your PC - as Admin preferably.

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Part 2, Step 4

    5. On launch, DISKIMAGEREV should detect and display the drive where your SD Card is connected. If otherwise, browse to select the drive.

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Part 2, Step 5

    6. From DISKIMAGEREV, browse to the folder where you saved/copied the Loader.img file on your PC and select it.

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Part 2, Step 6

    7. Now, click Write and wait until DISKIMAGEREV completes the process.

    Moto Z Play Unbrick Guide - Part 2, Step 7

    Once DISKIMAGEREV has successfully written the files on the SD Card, your SD Card is now bootable! You may now insert it on your Moto Z Play and boot the device just by powering on the phone.

NOTE: To boot your device with the just created bootable SD Card,
a. Power Off your device by any means.
b. Slot the bootable SD Card in the phone.
c. Power On the phone by pressing the Power Button.
d. Wait for some minutes while your phone is been booted.
The phone should go straight into recovery screen.
You may now connect it to the PC and use either RSDLight or Motorola Device Manager to load and flash stock official firmware on your Moto Z Play.

Moto Z Play Unbrick Files Download

Variant Download Link File Type(s)
Moto Z Play (All) View Page Unbrick Files Folder


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