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LG Firmware Extract performs a simple task. It is use to convert LG official Stock firmware from KDZ file to DZ, BIN and even MBN file, if you know how to use it. This tool, LG Firmware Extract is a very simple yet sophisticated tool.
LG Firmware Extract

LG Firmware Extract Download Links

1. Mediafire Link | Archive Password:
2. Mega Link | Archive Password:

How to Use LG Firmware Extract

1. Download your official LG Stock ROM or LG Stock Firmware from here

2. Download LG Firmware Extract from any of the links above.

3. LG Firmware Extract is compressed in a .rar/.zip file format so, unzip it and move it to your PC's desktop.

4. Open LG Firmware Extract folder and launch/open LG Firmware Extract.exe as admin.

5. Slot a USB Flash Drive into your PC USB port. You may also use SD Card in a card reader.

6. In the Flash Drive, create a new folder. For easier identification, rename it to your phone model.

7. Copy the KDZ Firmware you downloaded into the new folder you created in your Flash Drive.

8. On LG Firmware Extract, click Working Folder and then, navigate to the folder where you copied your KDZ File on the Flash Drive.

9. Still on LG Firmware Extract, from KDZ/TOT section, click OPEN and select the KDZ file then, click Extract KDZ.
Wait for the extraction to complete and proceed.

10. Now, from DZ Section, click OPEN and select the file that ends with .dz in that folder and then, click Extract DZ. Wait for the extraction to complete.

11. Now, check the folder you created on your SD Card. You will see that all the firmware partitions have been created there and that they are in .BIN file format.

You may now proceed to flash OR UNBRICK your LG android device using Tool Studio eMMC Download Tools as discussed here or use other similar tools.
For detailed info on how to convert KDZ files to BIN files and MBN files, see here: How to Convert KDZ File to BIN, IMG and MBN File Formats

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