How to Flash Nokia Lumia Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Phone

This tutorial is specifically for Build 14267 Back to Build 10586 but can be applied to all Nokia Lumia Microsoft Windows Phone. Following its launch, many who have upgraded their Windows 10 devices to Windows 10 Mobile build 14267 from an earlier build 10586 are having some issues but the most commonest of these issues is malfunctioning USB port which makes the phone unable to charge as soon as Windows is fully booted on the device.
As it is unbearable to use such phone as smart as Windows 10 phones without charging it due to malfunctioning USB port, you might wonder how to revert the upgrade so that the malfunctioning USB port may be corrected without getting the USB port itself in a working/functioning condition.
Well, we're able to pool it out. You can actually flash the device back to its earlier build with everything perfectly working and below here, I have the step by step guides.

NOTE: following this same guide, you can flash any Stock Firmware on any Windows phone.

How to Flash Nokia Lumia Microsoft Windows Phone

1. Note down your Microsoft Windows phone's model ID and Code. Both can be found on a label stashed on the phone behind the back-cover, the battery or around the edge.

2. Download Windows Device Recovery Tool from here and install it on your PC.
3. Download your Windows Phone's firmware from here. Make sure you download for your Windows phone specific code you can download for any product code. It will work. Download every single file for that particular device..

4. Now, put off your Windows phone. Do not connect it yet.
5. Now, navigate to Windows Device Recovery Tool folder on your PC. For Windows 32bit users:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool
Windows 64bit users:
C:\Program Files(86)\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool

6. From within the Windows Device Recovery Tool folder, click on an empty space and then press ShiftM + Right-Click. From the options, select Open Command Window here.
7. Go to the folder where you downloaded the phone's firmware and note down the file that ends with .vpl E.g

8. Now, enter this command line into the command prompt:
thor2 -mod vpl -vplfile "RM1010_059W853_01061.00074.14474.26001_054.vpl" -reboot
and hit the Enter Key on your keyboard.
9. Now, connect your device to the PC immediately.
10. Your device will now be flashed. Once the flashing operation is complete, the device screen will flash green briefly. You may then disconnect the device and complete the proper setup from your end.


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