How to Flash Sony Xperia Android Devices

Sony Xperia android devices are one of the most stable android devices in the world and here is a tutorial that shows you how to use the most trusted service tool which is known as (Sony) Flash Tool to flashing, upgrade, downgrade Sony Xperia android devices. Beside upgrade, downgrade and flashing, you can also do a host of other enhancement works on your Sony Xperia devices using the (Sony) Flash Tool though, this tutorial focuses flashing only.

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    1. This tutorial describes how to flash Xperia devices with Flash Tool & XperiFirm.

    2. This tutorial is aimed for Windows PC users in mind.

    3. Xperia C4 and C5 devices users should not flash using this tutorial. It might brick the device.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLASHING Sony Xperia Android Devices: [Part 1]

Step #1: Install the Right Drivers: the best driver you can install is the Sony Compannion which can be downloaded from here: Sony Compannion Download Link and the latest Flash Tool Drivers which is a universal driver that works with all Sony Xperia android devices from here: Xperia Android Devices Universal Driver Download Link.

NOTE: for Windows 8/8.1/10 users, see the guide below to install Flash Tool drivers:

1. Press and hold Windows key + R.

2. In the box that appears, type: shutdown.exe /r /o /t 00

3. Now boot to Start Up settings screen by going to Troubleshoot >> Advance options >> Start Up Settings >> Restart.

4. When the PC restarts, select number 7 i.e "Disable driver signature enforcement" -this will make your PC restart with drivers signature enforcement disabled until next reboot.

5. Install the Flash Tool drivers you downloaded above. Accept all warnings Windows throws at you and restart the PC once installation is complete.

Step #2: Install (Sony) Flash Tool: Flash Tool is the world's simplest servicing tool for flashing Sony Xperia android devices. You can download (Sony) Flash Tool from here: Sony Flash Tool Download Link.

Step #3: Enable USB Debugging and Unknown Source: if your Sony Xperia android device still boots to normal mode, perform this task otherwise, skip this step #3.

To Enable USB Debugging:

Go to Settings >> Developer options

To Enable Unknown Source:

Go to Settings >> Security

***If Developer Options is not available, go to Settings >> About >> Build Number and then, tap the Build Number continously up to 7 times.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLASHING Sony Xperia Android Devices: [Part 2]

Before you can flash Sony Xperia android device, you need to create FTF Firmware. The step by step guides hereunder shows you how to download and create FTF firmware for all Sony Xperia android devices.

Step #1: Launch Sony Flash Tool and then click on XperiFirm icon. See the iCon highlighted in the image below.

NOTE: important!

Only download firmware for your model and variant number. For example, if you want to flash Xperia Z5 (E6653), only browse and download the firmware builds listed under E6653.

Step #3: Click to Download: click on your desired model to select and confirm your download. Ensure that "Unpack automatically" is ticked and then click "Download" to proceed.

NOTE: important!

Latest Flash Tool [XperiFirm] unpacks automatically. So, no need to select "unpack automatically".

When the download is complete and the files are unpacked successfully, you will receive a notification (prompt message) to that regard. You may now click "Close" the dialogue box so that it returns to Flash Tool screen.

Step #4: Flash Tool Now Creates the FTF File: wait until Flash Tool displays "Torrent file creation finished".

NOTE: To locate your FTF Firmware files, go to "C:\Users\[Your PC Name]\.flashTool\firmwares" on your PC.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLASHING Sony Xperia Android Devices: [Part 3]

Now, here is the main part where we discuss and reveal the step by step guides for flashing stock firmware / ROM on Sony Xperia android devices.

Step #1: Launch / Open Flash Tool: click the Flash (lightning bolt iCon) in the top left corner of Flash Tool. See the iCon as highlighted in the image below.

Step #2: Select Flashing Enviroment: now, select Flashmode from the dialogue and click "OK".

By now, you should already be in the source folder where the FTF firmware files are located. If otherwise, navigate to "C:\Users\[Your PC Name]\.flashTool\firmwares".

Step #3: Select your Firmware Build: from the "Firmware" pane, select the firmware build you want to flash on the device.


1. The firmware has to be the same variant and build as the device you want to flash.

2. If you wish to retain your data including photos, videos, musics and other data, untick/unmark "USERDATA" option within the "Wipe" pane.

***for clean upgrade and effective proper flashing, it is recommended that you tick/mark all.

IMPORTANT! For users with Flash Tool 0.9.10 and older: If you skipped Part 2 of this guide because you already have your own FTF Firmware file, you may see "SIMLOCK" option ticked under "MiscTA Exclude" pane. Ensure that you DO NOT untick SIMLOCK. Doing so could result in problems with your device network lock.

Step #4: Initiate Flashing: click "Flash" and Flash Tool will immediately indicate that it is "preparing files for flashing". Wait until the operation is complete.

Step #5: Connect your Xperia Device in Flash Mode: now, "Power Off" your Xperia device and hold down the Volume Down button while you connect the Xperia device to the PC using USB Cable.

Flash Tool will recognise the device and beging flashing your Xperia device almost immediately.

Once you see "Flashing Finished". Your Sony Xperia has been successfully flashed.

NOTE: important!

1. In any case, it is very important that you BACK UP your Sony Xperia TA Partition before you initiate Flashing.

2. After flashing, first boot tekes several minutes. You have to wait at least 30 minutes for the phone to boot up.


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