How to Flash SPD Android Using Miracle Box: iTel, Cherry, Kimfly and others

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Similar to SPD Flash Tool, you can also use Miracle Box or Eagle Eye Miracle Box to Flash SpreadTRUM Android Devices such as iTel, Cherry, Kimfly and other SPD Android Devices. And here is a complete tutorial that teaches you how to flash SPD Android devices using Miracle Box or Eagle eye Miracle Box with stock ROM firmware.

Miracle Box is regarded as the most reputable Flashing Software (Box) probably because it supports many phone models from different platforms. Besides, it also has lots of exclusive services contained within.

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Questions and Answers

Q #1: Do I Need Box to Use this Miracle Box to Flash SPD Androids?

    A: No. This copy of Miracle Box does not require box. Just a working USB Cable is ok to Flash any SPD Androids.

Q2:SPD Flash Tool or Miracle Box. Which One is the Best?

    A: Both are good for flashing SPD Androids. Use the one that's preferred by you.

Q3:Miracle Box or Eagle Eye Miracle Box. Which one should I use?

    A: Use anyone of them. They are virtually identical.

Supported PC

  • Windows PC


  • Make sure that you have installed SPD Drivers and that it's working fine.
  • Make sure your battery is at the least 50% charged before you begin flashing any SPD Android Devices.
  • Make sure that you have stable power supply and backups on your PC.
  • Make sure that you flash with the exact firmware variant.
  • Do Not proceed with Miracle Box if you're not sure. Use SPD Flash Tool instead of Miracle Box in situations such as that.

How to Flash SPD Android Devices Using Miracle Box with Stock ROM Firmware

Step #1. Download Miracle Box from the Download Section here.

Step #2: Extract the Miracle Box zip file into a folder on your PC.

Step #3: Locate Miracle loader.exe from within the Miracle Box folder and double click it to launch the Miracle loader.exe (preferably, launch it as administrator).

Step #4. Wait till Miracle Box opens and the Dashboard is fully loaded.

Step #5. Click the SPD Tab and then, tick/mark Write.

Step #6. Select the phone's chipset from the dropdown menu e.g SPD****.

Step #7: Click the folder icon visible to you towards the lower right corner of the Miracle Box.

Step #8: In the window that pops up, browse or navigate to the folder where you have the stock ROM firmware for the SPD Android device you wish to Flash and select the firmware for the phone model. It should be in .bin or .pac format and then click to Open it.

Step #9. Click the Start button.

Step #10. Switch off the phone (with a charged battery inside it) then connect it to the PC via USB cord. Miracle Box should detect the phone almost immediately. If it doesn't, tap/press Either the phone's -Vol (Volume Down) or +Vol (Volume Up) button once.

Step #11. Miracle box should begin flashing the firmware, wait till it gets to 100%.

Step #12. Once it gets to 100%, close Miracle box and disconnect the phone.

By now, you have successfully flashed stock ROM firmware on your SPD Android device using Miracle Box.

Download Section


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