Why Choose Blogspot Platform? Wait, Why Not!?

While individual opinions vary depending on the perspective and the vista from which the Google's blogging platform is viewed by such individual, I would say point-blank that none of the arguments against the Blogspot blogging platform (so far seen) is entirely true for these reasons:

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Few days ago, one of our followers contacted us with the message subject "Is Blogspot Platform Really Bad for Blogging?" and in the message body, he pointed to some of the links he found on the internet where some argue for while the others argue against Blogspot platform.

Pounding on the question and possible answers to be provided, I consider doing some researches further and of course, I come across some more links and arguments as to whether Blogspot platform is good for blogging or not.

While individual opinions vary depending on the perspective and the vista from which the Google's blogging platform is viewed by such individual, I would say point-blank that none of the arguments against the Blogspot blogging platform (so far seen) is entirely true for these reasons:

  • For every shortcomings observed and noted by the observer, author or reviewer, there are existing numerous winning solutions.
  • Misconception often plays major role in individual's decision of which blogging platform is to be used.

And on that note, one after another, I would be discussing the points as noted from the other arguments (either for or against Google's blogging platform) I found on the internet.

Why Choose Blogspot Platform

If you feel like checking on these links I discovered in my research, below here I have the list:

Now, what follow below here are curated points based on my personal experience of Blogspot platform in relation to other (emerging) blogging platform in the blogging sphere.

Why Choose Blogspot Platform? Then, Why Not?

  1. Blogspot is Free. Should that be a problem? I don't think so.
  2. In fact, this is the first reason you should choose Blogspot platform as your preferred blogging platform. Inspite of the fact that the platform is entirely free, it offers you as a blogger maximum control over your contents and gives you access to all premium features you rarely access on any other platform.

    At launch, it was the yourname.blogspot.com that was being used. Later on, custom domain feature, a feature that lets you point your blogspot blog to a custom domain was introduced; also free of cost for all. Though slowly, more features are being introduced over time.

    Besides, the best things in life are free but we kind of take most of those things that are gifted to us for granted.

    Imagine a healthy man living a reckless life that's gifted to him free by nature. Ask a man who uses oxygen-aid to breath in the hospital for a comment.

    The fact that Blogspot does not have a paid version is not enough reason to mark it down. In fact, it is the strongest reason to choose the platform.

  3. Is there Better Alternatives for Bloggers than Blogspot? Well, Maybe.
  4. If I should throw a poll asking people to choose the best Blogging platform in a list that contains WordPress, Blogspot, Wix etc, I am sure, at the least, 90% will go for WordPress as the best and that's a failure; a failure not because they get it wrong but because the question is misleading in the first place.

    In the list that contains WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, Blogspot is the only pure blogging platform there is. WordPress and Wix can also be used and are being used for blogging, they are not meant primarily for blogging.

    When we talk of pure blogging software/platform, I have not seen or heard of any alternative that is better than Blogspot and this is an area where individual's misconception mostly come to play.

    First, decide. Are you creating a site; e-commerce website, brand website, chatting site (etc) or a blog? Unless you are confused over what blogging is, you'll know that Blogspot is still the best blogging platform.

  5. Who Says Blogspot is Poor In Search Engine Ranking? Check Again.
  6. Speaking of SEO, whoever admits Blogspot is not easily ranked in search engines seemingly does not understand how SEO works or rather, an half-baked SEO worker.

    Though, if we are speaking of a platform that makes copy and paste or multi-tasking in SEO easy, you may not go for Blogspot but then; SEO ranking is not something that is achieved or denied because you are using this platform or that.

  7. Gaining Backlinks in Blogspot? How easy is this?
  8. It is as easy to gain backlinks in Blogspot as it is with any other platform reason being that, quality backlinks is not something that you can automate rather, you work for it or work on your blog (content) so that the rest of the works may be automated.

    I mean, who wants to link to a content that is not reach or relevant? Before any reasonable author or publisher can link back to your contnet, that content must be relevant to the topic in question and reach. Other than this, another option is when you pay to get a backlink from another site or blog.

    Meanwhile, do remember that there are rules that guide backlinking else your page or the entire site may get penalized for the abuse altogether.

  9. Domain Authority. What About that?
  10. Domain authority and Backlinks are a branch or more simply put, a section of SEO that improves as you work on your site's or blog's SEO automatically.

    To help your worries, domain authority works in a similar way that backlinking does. To improve your domain authority, improve on your writing skill and develop a healthy publishing scheme for your blog. I bet you'll find that raking up domain authority on Blogspot platform is as easy as securing your domain in the first place.

  11. Making Money Off Blogspot Blog? How Easy is it?
  12. My dear, if anybody says it is not as easy to making money from blogs hosted on Blogspot platform as it is with other Blogging platform, the person probably had issues understanding how Blogspot works.

    Speaking of monetization, it is as easy to monetize any blogs hotsted on Blogspot platform as it is with Blogs hosted on any other blogging platform. Is it AdSense you wish to monetize your blog with or making money off Affiliate. Sponsored posts or referral programs? Just name it.

  13. Customization. Can I Customize Blogspot Blog to My Taste?
  14. Absolutely. Contrary to many arguments claiming that Blogspot blogs are limited to certain level of customization, it is very possible to customize every aspect or section of any Blogspot blog to your taste.

    The only limitation there is is the extent of your imagination and creativity. If you are imaginative and creative, you can easily tweak Blogspot blogs to your taste. Even if you are not so imaginative and creative, you can mimic other creative minds or any WordPress website design and create a derivative of such in your Blogspot blog.

    With that said, it should be noted that, for what blog is, it should be kept simple, straight and readable with easy navigation system in place. I believe Blogspot has all these unless you do not know how to apply them.

  15. Is it Movable? Blogspot Has the Most Friendliest Transition to Custom Domain or Blog
  16. Like it or not, Blogspot still has the most friendly transition method of all the Blogging platforms available. On that, see the tutorial here or tutorial here.

  17. Plugins and Widgets for Blogspot Blog. How Accessible Are they?
  18. Either you call it plugin or widget, the aim and purpose for each of them remains the same. Obviously, WordPress especially is a lot more flexible and has more than enough plugins to cater for and handle nearly anything you wish to do with your blog and Blogspot on the other hand is not bad at this. In fact, I have not seen anything I can do or that I have done on any WordPress blog that cannot be done or that I have not done on Blogspot blog.

    With that noted, unless your blog is evolving to becoming a website, everything and anything that's done on blogs hosted on other platform are possible and achievable on Blogspot blogs.

    And on this note, if you have any feature, style or design you want implemented or done on your Blogspot but you are having issues accomplishing it, you can ask us for help here.

  19. Page or Post Limitations. Are there Limits Set for Blogspot Blogs?
  20. On this, I cannot say much because I do not know if any exists or not. I have had a (test) blog that has over 20,000 published posts and over 50 pages. I have designed static pages with videos embedded, heavy photos and numerous text, still, I have never reached the limit.

    If at these extents, I have not reached Blogspot limits, I can safely assume no limitations are set for the Blogspot platform with regards to number of posts or pages you can have or how heavy your page can be.

  21. Blogspot Commenting System. How Good or Bad is it?
  22. I must confess, speaking from the SEO benefits of a commenting system, I would say Blogspot has got the best for many reasons however, the customization and the load-time of the commenting widget are a slap to its goodness. Other than these, I prefer it.

    Meanwhile, I must also confess that I personally do not favour using Blogspot commenting system which is why I mostly go for disqus comment system which I believe is not only close to Blogspot's commenting system goodness in terms of SEO benefits but also eliminates most other flaws.

  23. Just in Case, Can I Backup My Blogspot Blog?
  24. Yes. You can backup your Blogspot blog but, frankly speaking, the backup feature of the Blogspot platform is not friendly at all though, there are work-around but that's entirely outside Blogspot system.

    The platform backup system is not friendly in the sense that no automated backup process or hack is yet found and on top that, no all-in-one backup is possible. For example, you will have to backup your Blogspot blog theme separately and the posts and comments separately.


To wrap it all up in a single note, considering the wonderful tools, features and the supports which are available for Blogspot platform bloggers all over the internet coupled with the tendencies and chances of individual's seriousness, discipline, trust and believe in oneself which help eliminate the effects which may be suffered from the distractions of spamming that's common in the blogging sphere, I'd love to tell you that the future of your Blogspot blog is extremely bright.

Remember, if you have any comments or issues you want us help you with along the line, we're here. Just give your feedback in the comment box below.


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