5 Secrets Power-Affiliates Won't Reveal


5 Secrets Successful Affiliates Won't Reveal to You

Ask any power-affiliate how possible it is to make $10,000 within a few hours and he or she will not just say yes but demonstarte it to you.

Based off my experience as an affiliate, I recently compiled a note I fondly titled affiliate 101 and published it here on Cash Flow. You can check the affiliate 101 manual here: Affiliate 101: Becoming A Successful Merchant or Affiliate

In that note, I contain from scratch to finish, everything you may need to start off and prosper as an affiliate; as producer (merchant) or promoter (affiliate) in the affiliate marketing cycle.

If you are already an affiliate, already making some money off affiliate marketing business or not, you probably have some really powerful affiliate marketers you aspire to be like.

While it is extremely easy to become a powerful affiliate marketer yourself, it could be really hard at the same time.

Unless you know, have access to and are able to maximize the secret tools power-affiliates use, you'll always find it a nightmare to become a powerful affiliate marketer yourself.

Frankly speaking, I just joined the race of affiliate marketers about 2 months ago; that being December last year (2019). While I am not a power-affiliate yet, boldly I can say; I am doing just fine and will soon become a power affiliate.


Because I have had several opportunities to encounter and interview a number of great affiliate marketers since I started off as an affiliate.

And above all, every bit of tips and lessons I was able to extract and gain from my conversations with the select power affiliates have been put into practice and working for me; apparently as expected.

That being said, before I dive into letting you understand what power affiliates hardly reveal to you; I am going to shed more lights on whom power affiliates are, why should you strive to become a power affiliate, some case studies and how to become a power affiliate.

Who is a Power-Affiliate?

A power-affiliate is an affiliate marketer with great presence and influence and that that exacts maximum impacts possible on followers, readers and listeners leading to maximum conversion rates whenever necessary and applicable.

While it is relatively impossible to tell or rate the extent of the reach of any power-affiliate by the number of leads and conversions they generate, any affiliate that generates leads that become conversions within the shortest time possible is a power-affiliate.

Why Become A Power Affiliate?

The quickest answers: for the love. For the money. And for the influence. You may now proceed below for the detailed answers.

For the love: power-affiliate are always loved by their followers and fans alike.


Because power affiliates always bring what they believe is best to their followers and help those followers who could not see what's best in those things; see it and utilize it for the best.

In my other publications on this Cash Flow, we shall be discussing this in greater deal.

For the money: ask any power-affiliate how possible it is to make $10,000 in just one hour and he or she will not just say yes but demonstarte it to you.

Provided you have the resources and the tools, as a power-affiliate, to generate as little revenue as $10 USD from about 1,000 followers in just one hour is a child's play.

And that's just an ice in the cake!

For the influence: businesses love to relate and work with whoever gives results.

Since power-affiliates have the charisma to driving traffic and deliver expected reaults and beyond, they've got the power to establish influences wherever and whenever as they desire.

I know of an Indian affiliate that has direct influence in Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and a few other big brands - I would mention his name and probably publish our conversation whenever I have the opportunity to engage him in an interview.

How to Become A Power-Affiliate

Before I dabbled in the affiliate marketing business, I researched, experimented, tried and compare several methods already being discussed by some established affiliates already earning a living off affiliate marketing.

Because I have a target set, and to which I am determined to archieve; my first 30 days as an affiliate earned me $579 USD. Here is how: How I Made $579 USD In First 30 Days As An Affiliate

But that does not make me a power-affiliate.


Because I was eager and just working, focusing on just the money whereas power-affiliates target love and influence which are essentially what bring money in greater deal and encompass the power therein.

But by the time I finally got the gist and realized what my actual goals should be, I started working towards becoming a power affiliate.

And here are what's being working for me;

1. Less is more. Start with less:

As an affiliate, if you search the internet looking for merchants or affiliate networks you can partner or join and start promoting their products and services, for any niche; I bet you'll find not less than a hundred.

But no. You don't have to join all instead, select a few that you think are most suitable for you and start with them.

Between 2 and 5 merchants is recommended.

If you're targeting affiliate networks instead, joining and working with one affiliate network at a time is best.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure that that single affiliate network you enrolled with has all the merchants you aim to partner with or the products suitable for you are featured with them.

For me, I started with 3 merchants.

If you find yourself lost deciding which products are most suitable for you in your niche or which merchants would most likely earn you the most, I recommend that you check my note on how I made $579 USD in my first 30 days as an affiliate.

2. Mailing list is a goldmine. Grow A List:

The importance of a curated mailing list to a power affiliate is as the importance of a customer care service center to any business.

Note: I mentioned curated mailing list. Not just a mailing list.


Because, while it is possible for any mailing list to generate several leads with no or very little conversion, curated mailing list on the other hand; could generate few leads with maximum conversion.

And this brings me to briefly explain to you the difference between a Lead and a Conversion.

What is A Lead?

You generate a Lead when a visitor, follower, listener etc. generally referred to as potential customer arrive a merchant's products or services (page) either from your blog, website, forum or links shared on social media or via any means deemed valid by the merchants you partner or the affiliate network with which you are working.

What is A Conversion?

A conversion is a Lead that ends up in a purchase or subscription generally regarded as a sale. In essence, a lead that results to a productive action by the referred person is a conversion.

Meanwhile, in the affiliate system, you do not earn money unless your leads become conversions.

Why Should I Grow A Mailing List?

1. To be able to measure your reach. 2. To Keep your prospects within your reach. 3. Instead of your prospects coming for you, you can go for them. 4. To maximizing your campaign opportunities.

a. To be able to measure your reach: the first advantage of keeping a mailing list is that it helps you understand how much interest your readers have in your content.

Other than that, it is also a great medium from which you can learn how your readers navigate your blog or website thus; if you are using content marketing for your affiliate program networking needs.

b. To keep your prospects within your reach: if you have setup and put in place a subscription box or page for your visitors so that they may subscribe to your newsletter and if they do subscribe, such visitors may not visit your blog or website again but, even in that; they're still within your reach.

Using your mailing list, you'll be able to reach your prospects whenever there's the need.

c. Instead of your prospects coming for you, you can go for them: instead of waiting for your visitors to come visiting your products pages again or focusing majorly on SEO and other mediums to bringing new and or old visitors to your products, your mailing list gives you the opportunity of reaching your old visitors whenever necessary.

You can send them a mail informing them of your most recent product reviews, a list of huge promos from your merchants or your most recent product tips.

It's all fine. The primary goal is to keep them coming back.

d. To maximizing your campaign opportunities: if you have a mailing list, sending campaign reminders to your subscribers is totally under your control.

There are numerous reasons for keeping a curated mailing list but since this page is not categorically discussing mailing list, we'll stop at that four.

In one of my future publications, I shall discuss the best ways to grow a mailing list (fast), how to keep your subscribers subscribed, how to maximizing the potential of your mailing list among other cogent focused topics relating to growing a mailing list in greater deal.

And if you wish to check all publications about mailing list on Cash Flow see: search result for: mailing list

3. Recurring revenues are constant. Create Recurring Revenues: for affiliates; the best merchants to partner or products to promote are those that offer recurring revenues.

Recurring revenues are those commissions you make off your sales conversions (as an affiliate) and that the commission keep coming in for as long as the merchants exist and your converted sales remain active.

You can find the full list of merchants and products that make you recurring revenues in the book where I revealed how I made $579 USD in my first 30 days as an affiliate.

4. Effective engagement is powerful. Actively Engage Your Audience: webinars, groups discussion and social pages are great mediums for engaging your audience.

As frequent as you can, engage your audience in hot topics in your niche and provide solutions where you think majority are lost.


  1. Ensure you engage your audience when most of them would be available to participate.
  2. Use platform(s) most common with most of your subscribers.
  3. Use formats that can be retrieved even when offline.

5. Reviews tell your audience you use what you promote. Publish Detailed Reviews: imagine how you'd feel when you want to try out a product but before you do, you wish to know how the product would work out and fortunately; you find someone who'd tried the product and is willing to give you detailed info about the product.

You'd feel great?

That's exactly how your audience would feel when they realize you'd tried the product you're promoting.

Besides the excitement, giving reviews that are based on your personal experience would further strengthen the trust your audience have in you and increase the chance that your audience would subscribe to the product.

Recap: 5 Secrets Power-Affiliate Won't Reveal

  1. Less is more. Start with less: when I decided to join the league of power affiliates, I chose few established affiliates and compared their methodologies and I discover; they are all unique in their niche because they specialize.
  2. Lesson Gained: I specialized then; Start with a few.

  3. Mailing List is a Goldmine. Grow A List: though I have a mailing list who have subscribed from my other blogs, but then; my campaign were not doing fine in terms of conversion. So, I discarded the old one and grow a mailing list specific for my affiliate marketing campaign then I began to realize better conversions which eventually make me more money and boost my subscription rate than ever.
  4. Lesson Gained: I learned to maximize conversions from my leads however small or huge my mailing list.

  5. Recurring revenues are constant. Create recurring revenues: the most beautiful thing about recurring revenues is; you don't have to work for it all the time. Once its starts coming, it keeps coming. Register with affiliate networks or partner merchants that offer life-time commissions on their products and or services.
  6. Gains: doing so ensures that you always have earnings piling up even when you no longer work for it.

  7. Effective engagement is powerful. Actively Engage Your Audience: depending on the products you market or your niche, engage your audiences in webinars, group discussion or chats weekly or twice in a month.
  8. Gains: many advantages are attached to this but I'll list just a few: 1. You get the chance to sell more and make more money. 2. You'll be able to solve problems facing your audiences 3. You build trust and leverage more. 4. You gain more followers on the long run 5. You up your preference.

  9. Detailed reviews tell your audience you use what you promote. Publish detailed reviews: similar to what you gain off your involvement in group chats and forum discussion with your audiences, publishing detailed reviews ensures your followers are truly yours.


While the ultimate goal for becoming a power affiliate, for me; is building the name and in so doing, join the league of those setting the pace in the field; it never stopped me from making money as an affiliate.

If you have chosen to thread the same path, I believe you have gotten one or two useful hints. And if you have other useful hints to share, let's see it in your comment.


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