As A Beginner Affiliate, I Made $579 USD from Affiliate Marketing


About $579 USD Made from Affiliate Marketing In the First 30 Days. Not Bad Right? Here is How I Did it

Skye is not the limit. There are footprints in the moon.

Affiliate marketing is good. In fact. it is one of the best passive income stream anyone can tap into on the internet.

It is an avenue that gives you the opportunity of making money for life or should I say; for as long as your conversions are still active - it's best kept that way so I don't sugarcoat it.

You keep making money and the money keeps piling up. Affiliate marketing is far better than most other means you know, say; AdSense or any other PPC advertising for example.

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Thank you for the trust!

But, it has one major problem; conversion.

An affiliate does not make money until a conversion is made and that's the major problem I discovered most affiliates have.

And based off my research and experience, that conversion problem is caused by few other initial mistakes most affiliate make.

But we'll leave that for now.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Better than AdSense?

  1. Earnings for life
  2. You play by your own rules; freedom

Earnings for Life

With some affiliate merchants, your commissions off your sales conversions keep coming in for as long as the merchants exist and your converted sales remain active.

Most of the affiliate merchants I enrolled with offer this; life-time earnings.

Play By Your Own Rules; freedom

As an affiliate marketer, you play by your own rules; freedom.

Since your core objective as an affiliate is conversion, most affiliate merchants let you play by your own rules in order to maximize your earnings potential.

Why I compile this article?

Just as 2019 was drawing to an end, around October precisely, I started penning down the list of things to engage in the new year, those to be dropped and go with the year 2019 and those to improve on in the then coming year 2020.

So, that got me to do a little research on some of the new businesses I intend to venture into. Surprisingly, I came across one topic I personally see as a challenge.

It was Shoutmeloud's 5 year earnings report from affiliate business. You can find the post here: A Blogger’s 5 Year Affiliate Earnings For Inspiration: $80410

Though, the earnings figure further established my interest in the affiliate marketing business, there are some issues as tough and challenging as the people in the affiliate marketing system as I discovered.

Even more surprisingly, not just shoutmeloud, based off my research; all the big names making reasonable income off the affiliate marketing business gave me the traces of these challenges to worry about;

  1. Blog or Website
  2. Consistent quality traffic
  3. Quality fan base

Blog or Website: all the people in the affiliate marketing business making really reasonable income off affiliate marketing have a professional website or blog with really huge traffic.

Consistent Quality Traffic: they just don't have a website or blog, their websites and blogs rank really high in search engines and as a result, their websites and blogs receive returning visits quite consistently.

Huge Quality Fan Base: although this could be as a result of their consistent traffic, they all already have really huge quality fan base and as far as my research has gone; that's one of the priorities and determinants of most affiliate marketers success.

In essence, they all make around 95% of their affiliate marketing business earnings off their blogs and websites.

Only a few of them owed some credits to their content feed marketing effort.

Where Do I See the Challenges?

The Earnings Figure: by the end of this year 2020, that's about 12 months from now, I am determined to write and publish affiliate marketing earnings report for cashflow as well.

And to be candid, the aim is high.

$40,000 USD in profits off affiliate marketing business in 12 months is really a high target and hard but it is realistic.

So, that's a big challenge on its on. Right?

Blog Issues: though we have blogs and a website. In fact, there are staffs that can be assigned to handling some of the works but experience-wise, they are nowhere near any of these guys whom I read their affiliate marketing business earnings report.

So basically, in both experience and expertise in affiliate marketing business, the gap is wide and broad for us.

Quality Traffic: again, based off my research, to thrive in affiliate marketing business, you don't just need traffic, you need quality traffic.

Worst still, your quality traffic has to be huge.

So, for that purpose again, we have close to zero existing quality traffic.

For those who don't know what quality traffic means, you may check Affiliate 101 which we recently published - link given below.

Affiliate 101 is more like a manual for all existing and would-be affiliate marketers.

Quality Fan Base, we already have enough of those, so we no problem with that.

Although our existing fan base are not acquired for that purpose, we'll definitely have our way around it.

With that out of the way, 3 major challenges are left to be addressed.

So, for now, because I am curious, willing to beat my challenges so I can have something worthy of pride to write about by the end of the year, I need to find a faster and smarter way of doing it.

What to do then?

I immersed myself in my researches further comparing what could work and what could not, trying this after that until a slight difference was noticed.

After two attempts on the combined techniques, I came up with something. Something seemingly not enough initially but eventually; it's working.

And my result is $579.88 USD in my first 30 days as an affiliate.
My first month as an affiliate. No content marketing. No PPC. Just the techniques.

So, How Did I Overcome the Challenges and Made $579.88 USD in the First Month?

I ignored the challenges and plant another routes.

I acted on them. Again and again and again.

Though $579 USD in one month is still very small especially when the target is that high as $40K USD, it is not a bad idea for someone who just ventured in the affiliate marketing business and that, outside blog or website promotion. No CPC or PPC adverts.

I give myself that credit if nobody does.

But, no. Not in my case.

That worked for me.

You Probably Want to Know How I Did it. Right?

Yes. I want to teach people too. Attract followers and gain recommendations for cashflow.

As you can see, if you look around, you should know that cashflow still needs quality traffic. So, things like this would really help the blog a long way because a healthy readership enjoys a loyal followers.

In fact, other than teaching people via the eBook (PDF format and infographics), it would be made available on either coursera or udemy, depending on which one is most preferred by our audience so that people can subscribe for the training as a course.

So, How Can You Enrol to Receive the Learning Materials?

1. You prepay for the materials: relax! the payment is made via PayPal so you can be easily refunded if the initial target is not met.

How to get your refund?

Step by step guides on how to request for your refund is also given below here. But basically. you don't need to request for refund because we automatically send your money back if the initial target is not met.

What's the Initial Target?

30 pre-order.

Thus, we expect to have 30 people pre-pay for these materials within the next 35 days or we don't work on it.


Because there's no point wasting time on what would not sell.

I'd rather keep using the idea for myself.

I mean, it's not all good books that make it to the top list. Even if your idea is great, it's useless if nobody sees it as useful.

2. We note your e-mail down: once your payment is received, we note your e-mail down. And via that e-mail, we communicate you the progress.

If eventually the initial target of 30 pre-order is reached, we will communicate you exactly the day your learning materials download links are arriving your e-mail.

And if otherwise, your refund would be made on the said date instead.

So, What Does the Affiliate Marketing Learning Materials Contain and Teaches?

  1. It explains in detail what affiliate marketing business is and how to start
  2. It reveals popular mistakes of beginners affiliate marketers I avoided and how they are helping me scale affiliate marketing business well
  3. It discusses how to sell massively, affiliate products without a blog, website or mailing list (my own personal secrete techniques)
  4. It reveals how to enrol with high paying affiliate merchants as a starter without facing application decline issues (most affiliate merchants decline beginners application in their program) - my own personal secrets techniques
  5. Lists high paying affiliate merchants that offer life-time commission
  6. It reveals the best affiliate marketing niche to choose
  7. It reveals how to decide which affiliate marketing niche is best for you
  8. It discusses how to choose affiliate network suitable for you
  9. It reveals affiliate products that have highest conversion rate (the products buyers buy most)
  10. It discusses how to thrive in affiliate marketing businesses where others fail
  11. It reveals how best to market affiliate products using your blog
  12. It discusses the best methods of using content marketing for affiliate products

...and many more vital affiliate marketing secretes.

Who Needs this Smart Affiliate Marketing Package?

New Affiliates: if you're just planning to join or start with affiliate marketing business, this training materials are for you.

You'll need them as your guides.

Savvy Affiliates: if you're a pro affiliates already making substantial amount of money off affiliate program, you also need this.

Trust me. You do. Don't under estimate the ideas that are born out of a passionate and willing mind.

And you. Yes, you: if you are a good reader that loves consuming vital info, you may grab this as well.

How to Request for Refund

Do you Remember still? As earlier noted, if the initial pre-order target is not reached we'll refund you.


In case you didn't receive refund and you want to request from PayPal directly, here is how to do it;

  1. Login your PayPal account
  2. From your PayPal summary page, locate payment to Aryk Desk Office and click it
  3. On the page that opens, scroll down until you see resolutions center link and click it
  4. On the next page, click have issues
  5. PayPal will present you options based on your selections
  6. Once we receive your request, your refund would be issued within 24 hours


1. Based on your PayPal account's country, your PayPal account's dashboard may appear different but closely related to the illustrations above. In any case, you should be able to understand the steps from your PayPal account.

2. For faster response, you may just contact us requesting for the refund using the our contact us page here.


If you do not have $21.99 USD to secure and grab the smart affiliate marketing package we talk about on this page, see the affiliate 101 here: Affiliate 101: Becoming Successful Merchant or Affiliate

Trust me. You will never regret you did.

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