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At ArykTECH, we offer a world of opportunity to all qualified professionals in our field looking to embark on a successful career and work in an entrepreneurial environment.

As an high-spirited growing firm, we strive to create a community of professionals willing to push beyond their boundaries and evolve from skilled professionals of today to risk-taking entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

As young a company as we are, ArykTECH is pleased to creating and offering solutions that delight people and hearts. So, if you are alive, inclusive, and respectful, and if you share our passion and spirit to succeed, we invite you to take the leap with us.

Job Openings
Phone Hardware Repair

Hardware Repairs

As is our culture; efficiency, we seek to employ any suitable individuals willing to undertake and discharge services at our phone hardware repairs section. Age or qualification is not a requirement for securing these posts however, your handy-work is.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designers

As a highly demanding service which requires creativity and craftsmanship at the utmost, we are looking to employ creative minds to occupy our graphic design services sections. Such individuals must have favourable knowledge of Corel Draw, PhotoSHOP, PhotoImpact and Fireworks at the least.

Software Repairs

Software Repairs

Being one of the most demanded of all our services, we seek to occupy our phone software repair sections with versatile and agile individuals that will effectively and efficiently deliver services (in that section) within relatively optimal time-frame.

Content Creator

Content Creators

Our webpages including tutorials, reviews and digest both for ArykTECH and for our web services consumers, we seek to hire the touch of any resourceful individuals to help at handling that section. Though age and qualifications are not to be a barrier, your fluent understanding of English Language and composition are a must considered criteria.

Osun Office

MDS, Osogbo
Opp. New Orisunbare Shopping Complex (West Wing)
Osogbo. Osun.

e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (234)0810 056 5114 (9am to 6pm)

Hiring Process

Securing Application

Applicants should visit any of our offices, preferably; the Osogbo office to pick up an application form to be filled and submitted on the spot. - one passport photograph is required.


Once a vacancy has closed, all completed applications will be forwarded to and reviewed by the ArykTECH Recruitment Team. Short-listing and email notifications typically occur within 14 days of a vacancy closure.


If you are shortlisted for an interview, an email and SMS containing the details of the interview would be sent to you so that you may be informed and prepared for the interview.

If you are not successful beyond this stage you will also be notified via the same channels.

After the Interview

All candidates will be informed of the outcome of their interview within 48 hours of attending the interview.

Joining & On-Boarding

We understand how you may feel during your initial days in a new ecosystem, hence we'll constantly be with you during this crucial time and thereafter for your entire journey with us!

Feeling like you may not be as good and sound as we may demand? Do not worry, we have long-serving staff that will help you all the way through.