iCloud Solutions - Bypass iCloud Account, Disable Find My iPhone

We Help Disable Find My iPhone and Bypass iCloud Lock.

Bypass iCloud Lockscreen

We Help You Get Pass iCloud Lockscreen

Got your iPhone or iPad asking for Apple ID at setup?
Let's fix that for you!

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Delete Forgotten iCloud Account

Forgotten Your iCloud Account Details?

We help you delete forgotten iCloud account details and
disable Find My iPhone!

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Permanent Solution...

...our solutions survive data wipes and OS upgrades regardless of the means through which the OS upgrade is done.

100% Success Rate...

...on all listed devices so long the OS is listed and supported.

Find My iPhone Deactivation Service

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service
Supported Model
OS Version
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$118.44 Pay Now
Find My iPhone Deactivation Service

Find My iPhone Deactivation Service

Find My iPhone Deactivation Service
Supported Model
OS Version
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How it Works


Choose Which Service?

Do you want to bypass and permanently deactivate iCloud Activation Lockscreen or Disable Apple Find My iPhone? See the boxes above and fill in the details accordingly.


Select Device Model and OS

In the boxes above, all currently supported devices and iOS versions are listed. From the device model and OS versions drop-down list, see if your device model and OS version is listed and select accordingly.


Confirm Selections

Now, check to make sure your selections are correct and click the "Confirm Selection" button. Also, make sure you are submitting the info in the right box thus; iCloud Activation Lock Bypass or Find My iPhone Deactivation.


Make Payment

You can now proceed to making payment. We currently support PayPal and Bitcoin payments in our cart but you can request to make payment using your Card from our contact us page.


Check Your E-mail

Upon successful payment, two (2) email messages would be sent to your payment email address. One for your payment invoice/receipt and the other for your device IMEI request.


Await Response from Us

Once you supplied your device IMEI, we'll immediately commence work based on the details you supplied us.

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