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iCloud Solutions - Bypass iCloud Account, Disable Find My iPhone

We Help Disable Find My iPhone... FREE

We Help Disable Find My iPhone... FREE

Why Disable Find My iPhone/iPad?

Find My iPhone or Find My iPad is a feature of Apple devices intended to prevent unauthorized access to the device in a case of theft (stolen) or otherwise; prevent an absolute stranger in possession of your Apple devices from gaining access to the device data.

Success rate is 100%

...provided the iOS version installed on the device is below iOS 12.1

Let's help you disable and remove
Find My iPhone/iPad today...

before it got your device locked to iCloud,
rendering it almost useless!

We Have iCloud Solutions that Get You Pass Activation Lock...

When you format, wipe or perform a clean upgrade of an Apple device by any means, you are required to setup and activate the device using the previous iCloud/Apple account that was previously setup on the device.

If you have the correct iCloud account cridentials, you are good to go otherwise; you are locked-up at the activation setup screen and that's where you'd be needing our service.

Success rate is 100%

...provided the iOS version installed on the device is below iOS 9.X.X otherwise, our chances are slim.

The good news? We offer FULL REFUND.

Gat pass Apple activation
lock screen in just 3 steps...

1. Visit our office. 2. Tender your device. 3. Foot your bill.

That simple! We commence work the same day your payment is made.

Have some questions?

We understand you might have some questions and right here, we've got answers to the frequently asked questions.

Question #1: Do You Offer Refund?

Yes. We offer you full refund in case anything goes wrong in the process of either removing or disabling the Find My iPhone/iPad or getting pass the activation lock-screen.

Question #2: Just In Case, When Do I Receive the Refund?

All things being equal, refunds are issued instantly.

Question #3: How Long Does the Service Take?

Find My iPhone/iPad removal service takes around 4 to 8 hours. Getting pass the activation lock takes 14 to 21 days.

Question #4: Can it Be Done Remotely?

No. Both services can only be rendered if we lay hands on the device hence, you'll have to visit any our offices to get it done.

Question #5: Are All the Services Permanent?

Yes. They are permanent. You'll just login using your own Apple account.

Question #6: What if I Can't Come to your Office?

If you wish, you may have your device sent to our office. You may contact us via phone call or Whatsapp for detailed info on how to get it down to our office.

Question #7: Where Are Your Offices Located?

Currently, Lagos and Osogbo.

Still have some more questions?

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