Sponsor Unbrick Project

Sponsor Unbrick Project and Help Give Back!

Either you want us gather unbrick files for the most recent phone or you want for one of the most outdated phones, we can always do our best at bringing your device specific unbrick files to the foremost desk.

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NOTE: currently, we charge initial sponsors $21.00 USD to open an Unbrick Project.

Care to Know?

Here is how we make that happen; at a glance...

1. If we do not currently have the targetted device in our possession, we secure the device either by purchasing it or receiving it from one of those ArykTECH ardent followers who are willing to give back to the community. - the earlier is often the case.

2. We commence work. Majorly, we research, extract and compile files from an existing device of the same variant (often times) in perfectly working condition.

3. Once the compilation is complete, we test the files and make sure at the least, we succeed at reviving a device using all or either of the files.

4. The files become available to the public (who have subscribed to the project) for download and listed on ArykSTORE.

5. Often, we gather feedback from subscribers who have used the files. Both positive and negative feedback are essential to the development of our works. So whichever you have, just drop it.

6. Based on the feedback we receive, we attempt fixes, if need be until the project files are perfected for most of the device variants.

What Next...

1. Once your payment is made and received, we would contact you regarding your payment.

2. Another e-mail requesting that you submit your device specific details including your preferred contact channels would be sent to you.

3. Once we receive your response, we would commence work on the project within 24 hours. Please note that periodic update on the project progress would be mailed to your PayPal e-mail address.