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Learn how to flash your Android, BlackBerry, iOS/Apple, Nokia and Windows phones all in one place.

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Track and Recover your Stolen/Lost Phones... In under 24 hours, we can track-down and recover your stolen phones

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Acquire skills from the experts in the field! If you have developed a keen interest in phone software repairs, we're here for you.

Web Solutions

We Offer Excellent Blogging Services that Yield Results... Fast!

We Offer Excellent Blogging Services that Yield Results... Fast!

Customized Blogspot and WordPress Themes

We Make Customized Themes for Blogspot and WordPress

Themes... professional and friendly to both bots and humans!

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization, SEO starts from the kind of theme you have in place for your blog. Since we know this much, we build for you, from scratch; professional themes in compliance with the latest SEO guidelines.



To ensure your blog is accessible to everyone regardless of the browser they use, we make themes so light that it can be loaded from the oddest browsers known.

AdSense Ready


If not all, majority of bloggers blog to making money. In order to help realize these goals, we prepare your theme to completely blend with Google AdSense and other CPC, CPM etc.

Fast Loading


A fast-loading blog does not only interests search bots (Google, Bing etc) but also improves readability and click through from readers as well. We know this much so we make themes so speedy for you.



To making viewing and reading more friendly, we make sure theme adapts to any screensize. Phones, tablets, phablets and desktop users are considered.

Static Pages

Static Pages

One of the biggest challenges for most bloggers is how to make professional static pages that commands and converts sales. To overcome that, we preload your theme with ready-to-go professional static pages -all you have to do is make little modifications to suit your needs.

We Help Design and Re-design Blogs

We Help Design and Re-design Blogs Leaving No Single Spot Un-touched

Already have a theme you love? That's fine with us. We can definitely handle the face-lift for you. We'll help give your blog the best look possible.

We Help Build Standard Customized Static Pages

We Help Build Standard Customized Static Pages

For Blogspot or WordPress, we assure of a professionally looking standard static pages that will command and convert sales and audience.

Consultation Services that Works

Need Help In Boosting Your Blog? We Offer Consultancy Services...

We understand how troubling it could be to rank a blog high in search engines, make good sales, attract returning customers, win good quality traffic...
We can help.

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