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Real-time Assistance for Valued Customers and followers!

We understand you are here because you require real-time assistance to uncover some puzzles.

Either via TeamViewer accompanied with one-on-one chat or via video chat using your favourite app, we can help you out!

Seek One-On-One Guidance or Request Custom Files

One-On-One Guidance

Purchased a file or tool from us and doesn't seem to doing the trick as supposed? We can help.

Wish to Revive A Device?

Do you have a device you worry sick getting the correct set of files/tools required to recover the device? Let us know of it.

In either case, we are here to help you solve the puzzles...

How it Works


Choose Time Zone

From the form encased below, select your time zone accordingly.


Preferred Contact Hours

Choose your preferred contact hours. This will enable us determine the appropriate time to contact you.


Preferred Medium

Choose either you'd preferred to be attended via TeamViewer or Telegram/Whatsapp Video chat.


Confirm your Selections

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Make Payment

You are now set to make payment. Click the Pay Now button to proceed to the payment page.


Await Response

Once your payment is received, an agent from our customer service desk will respond to your request within a short while.


  • All initial communications with you including payment confirmation e-mail and your Telegram/Whatsapp or TeamViewer ID as may be requested would be sent to your PayPal e-mail address or any e-mail address provided on the payment page.
  • If you have already subscribed to any of our unbrick project folders and still have access to the folder, we would require you to provide e-mail address with which your payment was made for confirmation.
  • If you are YET subscribed to any of our Unbrick Project Folders, unless we have the unbrick files for the device you requested ready, it will take us some days to attend your request.
  • Our response to your requests are usually instant, however, in some cases; it may take up to 24 hour before our response arrived.
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NOTE: Current price for one-on-one assistance service is $18.99