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1. All Unbrick files folder listed on ArykSTORE for each devices are now accessible at a flat fee of $3.44 CAD.

2. One-on-one how-to guides being offered to all those who have been granted access to our unbrick files folder has been discontinued.

We say a big thank you to all of you who have shown your concerns, helping us realize where we are lacking and what we lack as a team - your expression really helped us.

Thank You!!!

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***instant one-on-one how-to use guides attracts $14 USD flat. See details below

Why Have We Made the Changes?

1. We know that, due the number of the unbrick files folder(s) access requests we receive, there is mostly delays in responses. Lots of users and followers have complained about this and we have, since being finding ways of resolving this.

2. Most users that request for one-on-one how-to guides end up being disappointed owning to the mostly delayed or rather very slugish responses they receive.

3. Because ArykSTORE has foreign users and followers, the time difference has being a bareer on its own.

The Changes We Implement:

1. We stripped off the one-on-one how-to guides fee that's added to every listed folders so that every folder now has a flat fee of $3.44 CAD.

2. We now provide one-on-one how-to guides service separately and to ONLY those that request for it. Please note that, based on the device, one-on-one how-to guides service attracts additional (reasonable) price payable directly to any of our team member who is available at a point in time to help resolve and revive your device issues.

3. Our unbrick files folder distribution is now being handled by FilesHives.

Our Aims for Implementing the Changes:

1. We aim to speed up our response time so that you get access to the unbrick files folder you are subscribed to as sooner as possible.

2. We want to know exactly which member(s) of the (our) team attend to most users more deligently and efficiently.

3. We aim to make sure that you only pay for the service you need. Why pay for one-on-one how-to guides when you do not need it especially; when our detailed tutorials are there? Hmm?


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