For phone or web support service, you can upload your files using the upload wizard below so that we may help you with it.

File Upload Wizard

Note:Owning to the high volume of uploads we receive daily and the cost of maintaining the cloud drive, we delete all uploads that are not associated or related to any of our customers and followers every 48 hours.

Therefore, using the form enclosed, you are required to send us a message detailing your upload details. Your message must contain your uploaded files' exact name as they appear. Failure to do this may get your file counted as SPAM hence deleted in the next routine.

Passion for Service!

Our engineers, instructors and devs are on the standby waiting to take it up from where the road crossed at your end. ArykSTORE is an arm of ArykTECH, a campany comprises of both part-time and full time staff making available to you, different web and phones solutions.

The Company

ArykTECH is a dynamic and growing company with offices at Osun, Lagos and Ekiti. Staffed by a team of specialists that are vast in their various fields. And are always ready to take it up where our clients stopped.